I have all kinds of tricks up my sleeve to get the most beautiful photos that my clients have ever taken.  Lighting, posing, outfit selection, professional make up, hair and retouching all working together make your photos on par with what you see in the magazines.  Take a look at the before and after images of a few of my clients.  Both the before + after images were taken on the same day in each set and each client gave me permission to show their transformation.


Here's a wonderful client who allowed me to show her transformation on the day of her shoot.  During her image reveal, she kept repeating:   "I can't believe that's me!"  <3

This client's before + after shows the power of posing and lighting.  She's a beautiful young woman who wanted me to help her look slimmer in her photos.  With posing and lighting, she was thrilled with the outcome (happily)!!


My client got to enjoy a day of pampering and was able to bring out her inner sexiness (and so can you!!).